Our History

The History of NEAMA


New England Adjustment Managers Association, Inc. was founded in 1969 by a group of 8 Collection Managers and Supervisors of banks who were alarmed at the high rate of delinquency and charge offs in the area. They first considered having a few meetings to discuss problems associated with collections, but soon realized that the need for information sharing and networking was greater than anticipated. A decision was made to form a group and name it the New England Adjustment Managers Association, Inc. (NEAMA). The aim of the association being the promotion and development of consumer and commercial credit adjustment as a profession.

The first chairman, John Fitzpatrick of the Worcester County National Bank was elected in 1969. Membership growth was slow at first but grew steadily after the NEAMA constitution and by-laws were adopted in February 1971. Members come from throughout New England and have grown to include banks, credit unions and other credit grantors. Our associate membership offered to industries which service the credit and collection space has been key to the accomplishments of our organizational mission and goal. The membership has navigated through the many changes in the financial industry including the turbulent 1980s and 1990s, housing market crash in late 2000’s, regulatory and legislative changes, the inception of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Covid-19 pandemic. 

NEAMA meets monthly to discuss mutual operating problems and trends in our business. Through our Legislative Committee we keep our membership informed of legislative events or information, which affect our industry. At the start of every meeting, time is purposefully allotted to allow members time for discussion and valuable networking.  That time is normally followed by a luncheon speaker who focuses on timely subject matter that is pertinent to the collection or credit industry.

NEAMA Inc. is a nonprofit organization and has a yearly seminar with the purpose of furthering our professionalism in the collections field. NEAMA also provides scholarships to students for college education expenses. We continue to have the growth of our organization as our main goal. One of the prime advantages for joining NEAMA is the opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the membership.

NEAMA continues to be the premier networking organization group for credit and collections with a great number of financial institutions, associate members as well as platinum sponsorships.

Karen Stirling 2023-2024
Drew Courtemanche 2022-2023
Jason Bouchard 2021-2022
Susana M. Sollaccio 2020-2021
Gary Long 2019-2020
Jennifer Huska 2018-2019
Nelson Tavares 2017-2018
Robert Thraen 2016-2017
Mark Peloquin 2015-2016
Christopher B. Reall 2014-2015
John Pratt, Jr. 2013-2014
James Carden 2012-2013
Karen Libby 2011-2012
Daniel Picard 2010-2011
Fred Connors 2009-2010
Joyce Mills 2008-2009
Normand Zarella 2007-2008
William Aker 2006-2007
Philip Converse 2005-2006
Frank DeAngelis 2004-2005
Ralph Belmonte 2003-2004
James Taylor 2002-2003
Carol Sinkey 2001-2002
Normand Zarella 2000-2001
Patricia Lambert 1999-2000
Thomas Mansour 1998-1999
Donald Cullen 1997-1998
Normand Zarella 1996-1997
Frankline Tusini 1995-1996
William Berardi 1994-1995
Kenneth Craig 1994
Robert Couto 1993-1994
Marsha Brunelle 1992-1993
Susan Perry-Keane 1991-1992
William Smith 1990-1991
Jean Goyne 1990
Clifton Stratton 1989-1990
William Berardi 1988-1989
Peter Godfrin 1987-1988
Edward O'Brien 1986-1987
Warren Low 1985-1986
Rose Sullivan 1984-1985
William Mullen 1983-1984
James Carson 1982-1983
William Burke 1981-1982
Mark O'Brien 1980-1981
Vincent Palma 1979-1980
James Mogan 1978-1979
Alfred Drapeau 1977-1978
Wayne Golan 1976-1977
Barry Dumser 1975-1976
Carlton Lind 1974-1975
Barry Cook 1973-1974
Eugene Nadeau 1972-1973
Kurt Matthis 1971-1972
Michael Traynor 1970-1971
John Fitzpatrick 1969-1970